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Live a day in the pure Breton tradition

If you have chosen Brittany for your vacations, it is because you may have a soft spot for Celtic music or the Breton cake! And if you don’t know yet, we have concocted a typically Breton program for you.

Breton breakfast

In the morning, we start by awakening our senses by tasting a breakfast with some specialties of the region. Just the thought of it makes our mouths water! The Bretons are greedy, here one does not skimp and one prepares a table well provided for a convivial moment.

A short list of Breton breakfast essentials:

  • the pancakes,
  • the palet breton, small crunchy and crumbly cake
  • Breton shortbread, small crunchy shortbread with a good taste of salted butter
  • the brioche or ” Pastez
  • Far Breton, a famous pastry flan with prunes
  • the Kouign-Amann, a kind of pastry with butter and caramelized sugar
  • salted butter caramel, essential on pancakes!
  • semi-salted butter for “a tamm bara’mann” a slice of butter bread

You can find some of these delicacies in thegrocery store of the campsite, and for the complete list, go to the bakery of Notre-Dame-du-Guildo or Matignon and Saint-Cast.

The Breton legends

After this hearty breakfast, there is nothing like a good walk to burn calories in search of the ” Pierres Sonnantes” . From the campsite, go to the 4 Vaulx beach to take the customs path (GR34) in the direction of the port of Le Guildo. You’ll be amazed at what you see and hear! You can already enjoy the magnificent panorama on the bay of Arguenon and the archipelago of Ebihens in front of the beach. Then, you leave for a 3 km walk on the edge of the cliffs on a path with trees. If the sun is shining, you will have the chance to see the Emerald blue color that gives its name to our coast. You’ve earned a break on the Pierres Sonnantes site!

The stones are scattered on the beach at the place called Goule d’Enfer, their name comes from the fact that they ring when you hit them with another stone. This metallic sound like a little chime will amaze children and parents alike.

Like many Breton stones, the sounding stones are associated with a legend. Here, they refer to Gargantua who would have spent part of his life in Brittany and left traces. The legend says that these stones are the result of an indigestion of Gargantua who would have swallowed these stones then revomited.

Walking along the GR34 is the best way to discover or re-discover the Breton coastline and some of its secrets. Think of leaving with good walking shoes because the path is rather steep in places.

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Breton shuffleboard game

For an afternoon of games in the Breton atmosphere, choose your field on a green space. Set up the wooden board on the ground, distribute 4 cast iron pucks per player and let’s go for a few hours of festive competition with family and friends. The game is simple, you have to throw your pucks as close as possible to the master called “the little one” . A puck on the ground or that has touched the ground before arriving on the board is void and must be removed. If a player pushes the master off the board, the game is cancelled. A real game of skill and teamwork that will delight young and old.

Rules of the game:

  • Put the kid on the board and place the teams 5 meters away from the board. Each team throws a puck and the team with the puck closest to the master starts the game.
  • The first team takes the little one and has 3 tries to throw it and place it on the board. If they don’t succeed, the other teams try their luck. The team that succeeds in placing the master on the board then throws 1 puck.
  • A team throws pucks until they get the point back.
  • When all the pucks are played, the player (or team) who wins is the one whose puck is closest to the master. Each puck that is between the master and the first puck of the opposing team earns 1 point.
  • A game is won with 12 points, the beautiful with 15 points.

For the purists, here are the complete rules of the game on a bzh site of course

Initiation to Breton dance

We end the day in music with the traditional Fest-noz! If you are looking for an authentic experience, this is the one for you. Fest-noz are organized all year long and in all Brittany. This festival, which resembles a traditional dance ball, was invented in the 1950s in central Brittany. About a thousand fest-noz take place every year, gathering hundreds or even thousands of people! It is the convivial festival which gathers all the generations around the traditional Breton dances, singers, musicians and dancers. Gavotte, Laridé, An-dro or Plinn… are you ready to dance in a circle to the rhythm of folk music?

Want more? Take your vacations in May to participate in the “gouel breizh”, the Festival of Brittany

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